Star Wars Origami
Jabba the Hutt

Jabba the Hutt was the most popular of the life size origami figures made during Celebration III. We were fortunate to have two special guest folders, Toby Philpott and David Barclay. They are the puppeteers who brought Jabba to life during the filming of Return of the Jedi. Once he was completed he was put on the stage as the guest of honor at the Celebration Costume party. During the world premiere of Return of the Sith he was auctioned off and now has a new home in California. Thanks to Lisa and Henry for bidding on him. The money raised went to Koret Family House in San Francisco.

I want to thank David Ogles, Anne Jenkins, Rebecca Waldeck, David Scott, Tom Purpus, Dylan Hignite, Leah Ritter, Daryl Pyle, Diana Holmgren, Leonard Frederich, Christina Bailo, Chris Gereke, and Gene Bryant (not in the background picture) who helped me create Jabba.

The real Jabba doesn't weigh this much.

He doesn't look so intimidating now.

Christina makes sure the creases are in the right place.
Finally! the hard part is over.
Tom aligns the inner creases.
.. and no one ever saw Tom again.
Leah, Rebecca, Diana, David, and Anne working on the 8 point sink fold.
The start of the 8 point sink fold.
Almost there.....
Christina, Leonard, and Gene line up the corner.
The first of four petal folds.
Anne, Christina, Gene, Leonard, and David make it look easy.

Special guest folder Toby Philpott.

David Barclay and Toby bring Jabba to life again.
Fixing my error (I had an arm in the wrong place)
Now the arm is where it should be.
Some of the signatures.
Anne makes great eyes.
Jabba looses another wrestling match.
Anne and Rebecca give Jabba a hand.
Proud parents of Jabba the Hutt.
Jabba the Lady's man.
Ms. Mangue adds the eyes.
Jabba still attracts the ladies.
Jabba the party animal. (movie)