Star Wars Origami
The Sith Infiltrator

When I was designing the Holocron for Mr. George Lucas I wanted it to have symmetry. I had planned one light and one dark ship from each of the six movies. At the time I didn't have a dark side ship from Attack of the Clones. Since this holocron was a gift for Mr. Lucas I wanted everything to be perfect. With just four hours left before my deadline and still no decent Episode II design, I decided go with three light and dark ships from each trilogy. The Sith Infiltrator could then be my sixth ship. All I needed to do now was invent it.

I started with the overall design of the Naboo fighter, added the wings of Anakin's fighter, and combined them with the hull of the Royal Naboo Starship. All that was left was the cockpit, which I borrowed from the design of Darth Vader's fighter, and it was finished. I completed the holocron two hours before the deadline. I guess deadlines can be inspirational, but I still don't like them.

The Sith Infiltrator was designed with clandestine missions in mind. The starship is about 85 feet long and capable of hyperspace travel. It has extraordinary sensory and tracking equipment and is even rumored to have a cloaking device.

Darth Maul used this ship to track Queen Amidala and her jedi escorts to Tatooine and land unnoticed. The ship's probe droids were then able to fix the location of the queen's starship . Using a speeder bike carried in the cargo hold Maul raced across the desert in an attempt to destroy the jedi and capture the queen.