Star Wars Origami
The Y-Wing
The y-wing owes its existence to Jeremy Shafer. I was looking through one of his origami books and came across his Star of David. It uses an interesting series of sink folds to create the illusion of 2 interlocking triangles. I wondered what else could be made with the process and ended up making the engines of the Y-wing. Prior to this I didn't think the ship could be done properly because of the proportions. Once I had the engines and decided to make it a compound figure (one that uses multiple piece of paper) it only took a few days work to make it ship-shape.
Of all the Rebel Alliance's starfighters, the Y-wing is the oldest. Even though it is slower than the average fighter, it is still an effective part of the fleet. The Y-wing is armed with both twin laser and ion cannons and carries a large complement of proton torpedoes. It has strong armor and shields so it is used more often as a bomber instead of a fighter.