Star Wars Origami

Special Gifts

I call my origami compositions Holocrons. In the Star Wars expanded universe Holocrons are hand held crystal holographic projectors. They have an interactive teacher who instructs the user on history, lore, and using the force. The teacher is usually a historical figure and the hologram accurately portrays his or her personality.

I was inspired to make my first Holocron after seeing one of the creations of origami artist Kunihiko Kasahara. This masterpiece consisted of 1 large 6-sided box which opened up to reveal 8 smaller boxes. Each of the smaller boxes opened to reveal a scene based on one of the 4 seasons.

For Leah

My first Holocron
For John Williams
For Lorraine
For George Lucas
For Mary Franklin
For the Museum of Science Boston

For Branden


For Origamido Studio
For Shirley Radcliff
For Lyle